Any promotion team established by East Promotions in foreign countries?
Fujian East Promotions Co., Ltd. has our own promotion team in the domestic to help us deal with the problems from customers across the world. For the promotion of our brand image, we have successfully established our professional marketing team, that is skilled at using their skills to promote us through distinct channels chiefly including online promotion. After establishing our own promotion team, we've won increasing popularity and attracted more and more clients to purchase bottle cooler .

East Promotions is a professional manufacturer. We are principally engaged in the production of different kinds of soft eye mask. East Promotions focuses on providing a variety of hand held fan for customers. East Promotions tea coffee mugs is designed perfectly and made with best materials. It is characterized by a high level of portability. From the long run, using this product helps people lower the risk of illnesses. This will eventually contribute to their health and comfort of living. The product is exhibited and warmly accepted at the trade fair, such as the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair.

We attach great importance to the quality and service of badge reels.
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